The Centro Pecci has always been more than just a museum, it is a place of production, research and a meeting point for the contemporary arts, as well as a venue for unique private events.
Personalized events can be held in its various large spaces, in a highly evocative atmosphere with a strong visual impact.
Its strategic location just 1 km away from the Prato Est tollgate, the wide range of parking options and the size of the rooms – unique in the city – make the Centro Pecci an ideal location for private and corporate events: from conferences to private dinners, professional development meetings and the possibility of holding fashion shows and corporate presentations. Each project – in agreement with the Management and in line with the institutional purposes of the Centre – is developed and implemented in a shared manner in order to achieve a successful outcome and mutual satisfaction.



Rooms available

- Zorio Room - max 230 seats as required
- Cinema Hall - max 150 seats as required
- Meeting Room - max 120 seats as required


 Additional services upon request

- Audio/video equipment for lectures and technical assistance
- Hostess/steward
- Guided tours of the current exhibition
- Catering


Sala Zorio




Sala Cinema 



Sala Incontri 



More information on the technical characteristics and availability of the spaces